How can I help?

Parents are the first and will remain their most important educators of their children. The renowned childhood psychologist, Dr. Haim Ginott said “ Parents don’t need more love, they need skills.” As parents and educators we  aim to provide an ideal environment for our children to thrive and learn and there are some common challenges that we all face in our effort to do so. I'm here to help with Montessori based principles and practical solutions that you can implement with real results. Whether in a workshop for a group, a home consult or via phone or Skype mentoring. I'd love to speak to you, meet you and assist you as you journey through life’s challenges as a parent or educator.


Independence at home

Babies begin to engage with the environment the moment they are born. There is much that can be done to set-up their home spaces to develop their self esteem and self- confidence from the beginning . The Independence At Home Workshop 


Toileting independence

Being able to independently go to the toilet is an important milestone for children. It can be difficult for parents to know when and how to start, My aim is to assist parents on how to collaborate with their children to achieve toileting independence.


Sleep 101

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Communication and conflict resolution

As Parents and educators are on the firing line constantly as we engage with children. We need better ways to communicate effectively if we are to create and maintain positive relationships with the children we raise or work with.