Toileting: A relational approach.

For all development to occur a dynamic relationship exists between the child, the adult/s in his world and the environment that is provided for them.   "Readiness" for the child is determined by both physical and psychological maturity. The relationship between adult and child is critical  - their approach , what they say and what they do determines how it will ultimately happen. The environment, that is, the actual equipment will either help or hinder the process

There are 3 common questions or concerns of parents who attend my workshop



" HOW or WHEN to begin?"

"What's wrong with me or what's wrong with my child because nothing is working?"


I developed and started running my Toileting Independence workshop for parents because day after day both in the classroom and as a parenting consultant I was being askedular "Toilet training Methods" you will findchild is born to develop and development occurs naturally in an environment that is prepared with there assistance of adult/s that know how  knowledgeable and skilled

The three questions

Are you struggling with????

IS it ???