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Early Childhood Education Conference

  • Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Center Brisbane Australia (map)


Montessori in the Home
This workshop will provide an introduction to implementing some of Maria Montessori’s wonderful insights at home. Participants will learn the importance of simplification and fostering independence by including and involving your children in age appropriate practical life activities. The group will discuss how to practically apply these principles through all of the stages from baby to pre-schooler in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living area and outdoors. This will include practical examples of equipment and how to use it. 

Supporting Language Development from 0-3
0 to 3 years lay the foundation for language development – the richer this base is, the more a child will have to build on. This workshop will discuss some key principles, often not very well understood, that can greatly assist this process. It will explore relationships and the practicalities of engaging in conversation – talking to, not at; and reading with, not to. The importance of slowing down, using a normal voice and a rich vocabulary to talk about the world will be covered in the context of practical, everyday examples. Participants will learn how to choose appropriate books and do other simple language activities with babies and toddlers.