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1 - Step

The ideal 1 - Step for children aged 18 months to three years old that will enable them to climb up, turn around and sit down comfortably on a toilet and still have their feet firmly on it needs to be 25cm high. An important thing for you to take note of here is that the ones sold in department stores or baby shops for this purpose are usually between 15 - 17 cm high so are really not practical at all!



The other use for the 1 - Step is for the child to be able to flush themselves. If there is space beside the toilet the child can move the stool to climb up and flush, or, if the lid is strong enough they climb onto the closed toilet to do it. This enables them to do all the tasks without our assistance and again build that self-esteem and confidence.


What to look for in a 1 - Step Stool:    

  • Safety, size and sturdiness (*25cm high for toilet footrest)

  • Ideally W-38cm x D-28cm x H23 -25cm (Model shown)

  • Easy for a young child to carry.

  • Large surface area for them to stand on.

  • Grip on surface area.asy to clean.

The 1 - Step pictured here is a great one that can be found on Amazon, super sturdy and ticks all the boxes.

You can find one here if you're in Europe.

In the US Walmart stocks one here and Homedepot here.

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