A practical approach to toileting.

Are you just starting out with toileting with your child?

Are you having some problems with toilet learning?

Or maybe you want some reassurance you are on the right track?

Learning to use the toilet can be a natural and positive progression for your child. In this workshop you will learn strategies to encourage your child to become independent and confident in this area.


Length: 2 hours including recorded Q&A

Cost: US$29 .





Once a child is showing some signs of physical readiness and interest in the toileting process it's time to look at how to adapt the environment to meet their changing developmental needs! We can create a simple, practical space to aid their independence.

If you've attended the workshop and would like the supplemental cheat sheet and video demonstrations to be sent out via email you can request them here.





Toileting can be a real challenge and sometimes it helps to have someone on your team. If your're facing a difficult situation or are having trouble with progressing to the next level please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.


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