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When is the best time to start?

What do you do when they refuse to sit on the potty or toilet?

How do you prepare yourself and your child so that it is not stressful?

Get answers to every question you have

Originally developed and attended by parents at my Montessori centres in Sydney as well as around Australia and New Zealand since 2005, this workshop was presented online for the first time via zoom in 2020 with my amazing friend Simone Davies from The Montessori Notebook 


The recording of this live workshop is available for YOU to watch and learn from in the comfort of your own home! 

Experts agree that successful toilet training has a positive impact on a child's urge for independence. For the child the journey from total dependence to functional independence takes time and mastering all the skills involved builds their self-esteem and confidence and autonomy, which prepares them for the stage of their development.


We focus on the 3 goals THAT YOU HAVE:

  • TO KNOW how to facilitate your child’s development with ease and confidence.

  • TO KNOW how to set up your environment in a way that supports their development

  • TO KNOW how to assist your child with patience and calm so that they can become independent



2 hrs +  Q&A

+ Access to : Resource bank with demonstration videos

& follow up Free 1 hour Group Coaching Zoom with Ferne.

Cost: US$29 .

What people are saying.

“My 2 and a half year old boy had been toilet training for almost 6 months when I contacted Ferne in sheer desperation, he is my third child and my girls had no problems at an even earlier age. I had tried everything, all the advice friends had given me, internet searching for hours and, he had to be ready to start pre-school in just over 2 months time, so the deadline was becoming uncomfortably close. After a short 10 minute phone call, Ferne gave me simple, practical tips to change his behaviour and the results were immediate. On the first day, there was no “accidents” and he willingly took himself to the bathroom more than 7 times. After more than 10 days, I can confidently say, ’He has it”, only the very occasional accident and certainly no more smelly ones! I can’t recommend Ferne highly enough, she is certainly a expert in child rearing and now I know who to pass my friends onto if they have ANY issues regarding parenting. Thank-you Ferne, you are my guru!“

—  Chloe, Mother of 3, December 2016

If you've attended the workshop access the Supplemental Cheat Sheet, Video Demonstrations and Free Coaching Session here.



Need More Support?

Toileting can be a real challenge and sometimes it helps to have someone on your team. If your're facing a difficult situation or are having trouble with progressing to the next level please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.


Get practical tips on nurturing your child's natural drive for independence with guides, inspiration and early bird access to upcoming parent workshops!

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