Parents are the first and will remain the most important educators of their children. The renowned childhood psychologist, Dr. Haim Ginott said “ Parents don’t need more love, they need skills.”

As parents and educators we aim to provide an ideal environment for our children to thrive and learn, and there are some common challenges that we all face in doing so.  The Independent Child is here to help with Montessori based principles and practical solutions that you can implement with real results.  Whether in a workshop, private face-to-face consult, in class or over the phone or Skype mentoring, we'd love to speak to you, meet you and assist you as you journey through the challenges.



The Independent Child offers specialised workshops in:

  • Toileting Independence
  • Communicating with Kids
  • Freedom and Discipline
  • Conflict & Alternatives to Punishment
  • Independence at Home (Birth to Six years)
  • Supporting Language Development - Birth to Three


private Consulting

Need practical guidance and support?  The Independent Child is here to help with one-on-one  consultations at home or online (e.g. Skype) tailored to your individual needs, including any or all of:

  • Setting up your home for independence
  • Toileting, Eating or Sleep Concerns
  • Establishing Routines
  • Sibling Rivalry
  • Alternatives to Punishment
  • What to do when they fight


U3-SingingPiggytails 291100.jpg

early learning centres

Want to setup or improve your Montessori classroom environment or build your staff's skills?  The Independent Child can bring years of in-depth, hands-on, practical experience and solutions:

  • Guidance on setting up or adapting your 0-3 environment
  • Staff Mentoring & Training:
    • Montessori Pedagogy
    • Working with Parents
    • Dealing with Behavioural Issues
    • Effective Praise without Evaluation
    • Conflict Resolution
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