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Sometimes all that is needed for a breakthrough is a fresh approach.

Work with me to get the tools to transform your home or school environments. Equip yourself with strategies for positive and effective communication that instil confidence, encourage responsibility and build self-esteem in children.

Focus Areas

  • Preparing for a first child.

  • Setting up environments for independence.

  • Setting limits and Establishing routines.

  • Toilet Learning challenges.

  • Tantrums and whining.

  • Sibling rivalry.

  • ​Sleep challenges.

  • Effective communication skills.

  • Increasing cooperation.

  • Minimising power struggles.

  • Dealing with strong emotions.

  • Birth of a new sibling.

  • Home life transitions.



Gain knowledge and practical skills that equip you with confidence in your role as carer as well as trust in your child's innate drive and ability to work towards independence. These workshops are designed to be both informative and fun. You will be introduced to specific methods and strategies that work.



As parents we are on the firing line 24/7 and we all need help along the way These private mentoring sessions, tailored to your individual needs, provide you with practical solutions for parenting challenges and the support you need to implement them. Together we will work through a plan for how to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Early Learning


Want to setup or improve your Montessori classroom environment and develop staff skills? Get guided support from an AMI qualified birth to three educator. Get access to the 15+ years experience gained through working with children in the Montessori classroom, consulting families and running parent and educator workshops. Events can be adapted to your specific requirements.

Encouragement without judgement.

Drawing from my 30 years working with children and 15 years in the Montessori classroom, I am fortunate to have consulted with hundreds of families and educators. My goal is share the knowledge and tools people need to bring more peace, joy and order into their homes.

Get equipped with tools that tackle your toughest challenges. Rediscover harmony at home without the nagging, yelling and feeling guilty. We can work together to garner effective, evidence-based strategies that you can start using right away to set up a home environment, a framework for independence, positive communication and practical ways for dealing with challenging behaviour. We can discuss any issue that has you feeling disconnected from your parenting path.

Work with me to map out the unique goals and values you have for your parenting journey. Discover the Practical Relationship Focused approach that can bring your vision to life in everyday interactions with your children. Families are unique so we discover together the best tools and techniques for your style and your family. I like to meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to be.


My ultimate goal is to help you bring more peace, joy and order to your family home life. 


Discovery Session

Every home is unique. I like to get to know more about you, your family and what has been happening at home that has led you to seek support. 

We can talk about what your desired outcome would be for a challenging situation and what sort of path might help you to get there.

This call can be enormously beneficial as I can learn more about your routines and your space and solutions we discuss can be tailored to the specific needs of your family.


30 Min Session

1-on-1  Session

A 1- on -1 session is the most effective way to delve into specific issues you are dealing with. Together we can set some clear goals toward addressing individual issues or concerns and determine which strategies would suit your style of parenting best. In these sessions (From 30 minute up to 2 hours) my goal is to give you a concrete set of tools and techniques with an action plan that you can put into practice for your family immediately. 


  • Hourly 1- ON -1 Session.

  • Video/Audio Recording

Customised Roadmap

A 2 hour Customised Roadmap session will enable us to put together a set of steps to overcome any current challenge you may be facing. This session can be conducted with either or both parents.

We work together to

  • Clarify your perspective on the situation.

  • Identify the challenge you would like to address together and discuss specific handling strategies in detail.

  • Create a customized roadmap you can put into practice.


  • 2 Hr 1- ON -1 Session.

  • Video/Audio Recording

  • Customized Roadmap PDF 

  • Email Support 

AUD $289

Support Package

In the coaching package our time together is primarily focused 3 things:

  • Understanding the Adult - Child Dynamic and getting context for your home environment.

  • Identifying recurring challenges and discussing a workable solution.

  • Agreeing on an action plan and get the results you want.​


  • 7 hrs 1- ON -1 Sessions.

  • Unlimited email during support period.

  • Facebook Group - Connect with other parents. Learn from our community.

AUD $ 929

Home Consult

Due to travelling restrictions I am only available for Home Consults on the Gold Coast and surrounding areas.

PLEASE contact me for more information




Get practical tips on nurturing your child's natural drive for independence with guides, inspiration and early bird access to upcoming parent workshops!

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