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2 - Step

Every home with a toddler needs to have a 2 - Step stool. It makes life so much easier when a child has the skill to wash his own hands  It's one of the first milestones to bathroom independence. A 2 - Step also enables a child to prepare their own snacks or switch on their own bedroom light. These are things they can do long before going to the potty independently. 


When choosing a 2 - Step consider: 

  • Safety, size and sturdiness.(53(L) x 41(W) x 41+(H) cm)

  • Easy for the child to carry. 

  • Grip on surface area.

  • Large top step landing, (28(L) x x38 (W) cm)

  • Rounded edges.

  • Easy to clean.

The 2 - Step pictured here is a great one that can be found on Amazon, super sturdy and ticks all the boxes.

You can find one here if you're in Europe.

In the USA Amazon has one here and Walmart stocks a similar 2 - step here.

For older children the landing can be a little smaller. The Ikea wooden 2 - Steps are also really nice.

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