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Dressing Stool

As soon as a child is resisting lying down - usually around one, when they are standing, scooting around furniture or starting to walk, it is time to get them off the changing table and start collaborative dressing with the provision of a small stool. Sitting facing the child put's us at their level and allows for the most important part of the process: eye contact. Engaging their cooperation will require clear communication, lots of patience with the process and purposeful consistency. 

Most of the products available are the same size for all children under 5. Choosing an appropriate stool is dependant on the child's age/size. As a rule of thumb we keep it near to knee height.   


What to look for in a Dressing Stool:   

  • Height 15-20cm (take their measurement) Dependent on Childs age. As a rule of thumb use the Rule of Knee. 

  • Easy to carry (Handles or way of holding)

  • Light and Rounded edges.

  • Easy to clean.

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