Parenting on the Same Page.

All about getting on the same page to parent our child/ren.

After people learn about the Montessori approach and begin using it in their homes, their next question is how they can get others on board with the ideas. This might be their partner, the grandparents, a co-parent, or other.

* Is that you? Would you love others in your life to get on board with Montessori principles?
* Do you find yourself in disagreement with your partner or parents about getting them to use Montessori ideas?
* Or find yourself correcting them and they get upset?
* Or you have people in your life that just don’t get it?

Then this workshop is for you! We have put together this 2-hour workshop to help you to start parenting on the same page with these important people. We want to bring back the joy to parenting our children together with others.

The workshop will explore:
1. Our role as parent – spoiler: it’s not just happy making your child happy
2. Painting a clear vision of our family values
3. A peek into the habits of effective parents
4. Communicating in ways we can be heard by others
5. Specific language we can use in these conversations
6. Getting others on board and working with others
and more…

This will be a live online workshop. If you can’t make it, you can still sign up and you will receive the recording as soon as it is ready.

Date: Sunday , 25 October 2020

Time: 10am Amsterdam time // 4am ET // 8pm Sydney time.(important: change your clocks for daylight savings!)

Length: 2 hours including recorded Q&A

Cost: US$29 .

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