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For children under 18 months a potty is the best starting point. They can transition to the toilet at around 2 years old or as soon as they can climb and sit with minimum help and are showing interest in doing so.


It can be daunting to get a potty with so many options available. So let’s look at the key factors to consider when choosing one that is practical and will assist rather than hinder your child. Most of the potties available have splash guard at the front. It's the arch to stop boys wee from shooting out. Often these are too high for a younger child to back onto and sit down on without getting caught. Having to lift them over is not ideal as we're working toward independence. Learning to empty the insert is another way we can encourage autonomy 


When choosing a Potty consider: 

  • Insert that’s easy to remove, carry and pour from.

  • Low splash guard. (16 - 17cm from ground max)

  • Depth - A child can take over the task of emptying it without spilling.

  • Neutral colour, less distraction, avoid musical buttons.

  • Easy to clean.

The  green Ikea potty here is a great one and pretty cheap.

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