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Raising and working with children can be challenging at times. What all that is needed for a breakthrough is a fresh approach. The following programs are designed to provide you with new ideas to transform your home and work environments and equip you with strategies for positive and effective communication that build self-esteem, instill confidence and encourage responsibility in children.

Parenting Workshops

Gain knowledge and practical skills that equip you with confidence in your role as carer as well as  trust in your childs’ innate drive and ability to become independent. These workshops are designed to be both informative and fun. You will be introduced to specific methods and strategies that work. Go home inspired and prepared for any challenge with:

  • Toileting Independence

  • How to Talk so kids will listen

  • Resolving Conflict

  • Freedom and Limits

  • Supporting Movement & Language development (0 - 3 yrs)

  • Independence at Home (0 - 6 yrs)

Private Mentoring

The first years of life lay the foundation for the relationship we have with our children. These private mentoring sessions, tailored to your individual needs, provide you with practical solutions for the challenges and the support you need to implement them. Together we will work through a plan on how to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

  • Toilet Training

  • Establishing Mealtime and Sleep Routines

  • Resolving Conflict

  • Positive discipline

  • Setting up your home to support Independence

Early Learning Centres

Want to setup or improve your Montessori classroom environment and develop staff skills? The Independent Child offers professional support from an AMI qualified birth to three educator with + 30 years experience of working with children in the classroom as well as through workshops adapted to your specific requirements.

  • Guidance on setting up or adapting your 0-3 environment

  • Staff Mentoring & Training:

    • Montessori Pedagogy

    • Making Montessori materials

    • Effective communication

    • Dealing with Behavioural Issues

  • Parent Education​


Get practical tips on nurturing your child's natural drive for independence with guides, inspiration and early bird access to upcoming parent workshops!

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