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I developed this workshop with tools for parents and educators to encourage positive behaviour in young children. If you are anything like me, you also struggle at times to know when to say "Yes" and when to say "No" to the demands on you as a parent. (Often from the moment you open your eyes.)

Join me in this workshop to learn how we can establish routines, set expectations and provide children freedom within boundaries necessary for them to thrive. Discover how to be emotionally supportive yet firm in your approach. Be the parent and educator you want to be by learning techniques to avoid negative behaviour, both in yourself and the children in your care.

Duration: 2 hrs plus 1hr Q&A

Included: Exercises & Reading Resources

Cost: AUD$49

Topics Covered

  • Having healthy boundaries.

  • The T.R.A.C.K Methodology.

  • Freedom and self-discipline.

  • Strategies for setting limits, establishing rules and routines.

  • Effective communication tools.

  • Q & A

You will also have access to a growing bank of resources relevant to the Freedom & Limits methodology including Communication Exercises (for you to practice), Help Charts and Articles by some of the worlds top childhood and parenting educators.

Additional Resources

What people are saying.

I felt unsure about my parenting style. I found it tough to set limits – and even tougher to be consistent with following through. I knew I needed to set limits, but I just did not know how.


Ferne armed me with the knowledge and practical tips to gain confidence in my parenting. She showed me what it means to be calm, firm and empathetic at the same time. She shared very concrete examples of words and actions that I could use in difficult situations, such as when leaving the park and when establishing toileting and sleeping routines.


Ferne also made me realize that it’s much more than just about getting through challenging daily transitions. It’s about building a healthy lifelong relationship with my child. It’s about raising my child so he can develop the emotional resilience to thrive in this world. Her workshop is like getting tough love with a big hug from a grandmother mentor!

—  Karen, June 2020

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