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Nurture your child's natural drive for independence.

We all love it when children discover their “I can do it!” moments. The Independent Child provides

practical resources and guides for parents on cultivating independence, self-esteem and confidence in children.


Ferne van Zyl is a Montessori educator who has over 30 years experience with babies and toddlers. Focusing on the fundamental principles of childhood development she shares a relational approach to bringing more peace, joy and order into families homes. Here you can pick up some practical tips from her blog, get information on upcoming parent workshops or book an individual consultation.

Brittany Darling

"I was completely stuck. Then I found Ferne. Within the first day she had my son sitting on the potty and cleaning up after himself. The second day she had him sitting on the toilet. A week on he went completely on his own after breakfast! We are completely over the moon and so proud of our little boy. Ferne taught me how to communicate with my toddler and has restored peace in our home! We cannot thank her enough."

Helen & Eric

"Parenting can be the toughest job in the World - Ferne taught us the tools that you should have been given when your child was born, to make the journey more enjoyable and give you the confidence in what you are doing as a parent" 

Kate Bright

"Ferne has provided us with practical parenting skills to help us to create a more harmonious and positive home environment. As well as sharing her wisdom, Ferne has also become a valuable friend of our family with her warmth, compassion and sense of humour and has always been available to chat when needed. We would highly recommend her skills and experience for any family." 


Get practical tips on nurturing your child's natural drive for independence with guides, inspiration and early bird access to upcoming parent workshops!

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